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The challenges of creatives in app install

Creativity is a key element of any user acquisition strategy. Mastering all the challenges related to the sector and deploying the necessary resources...

Published on 27 November 2023

6 good reasons to outsource user acquisition even if you…

For applications seeking to maximize their visibility and growth, user acquisition is a major challenge. While some already have knowledge in the field,...

Published on 21 November 2023

[REPLAY] Retailers Boost your App Campaigns Now

The holiday shopping season will drive record-breaking 1.7 billion shopping app downloads and more than 26.5 billion hours spent in retail apps. Brands...

Published on 20 November 2023

DTM #4: UGC formats are not aligned with my brand…

User Acquisition myth #4: UGC formats are not aligned with my brand image The power of UGC formats in user acquisition campaigns is...

Published on 13 November 2023

Do you speak TikTok ?

According to’s Q1 2023 report, TikTok is the most downloaded application in the world making it an essential lever for user acquisition...

Published on 8 November 2023

Addict Mobile: An internationalization strategy tailored to each market

The adaptation of sales teams to the needs of prospects and clients, as well as to market developments, is crucial in user acquisition,...

Published on 6 November 2023

DTM #3 : I need to pause UA campaigns during…

User Acquisition myth #3 : I need to pause UA campaigns during off-peak periods. It is tempting to think that the wisest choice...

Published on 30 October 2023

Do you speak SKAN 4.0?

Apple’s introduction of SKAdNetwork, in response to concerns about user data privacy, has reshaped the mobile industry. Since then, SKAdNetwork has undergone several...

Published on 25 October 2023

Privacy Sandbox: What You Need to Know to Anticipate Changes

Google defines the Privacy Sandbox as “The Privacy Sandbox is an industry-wide effort to develop new technology that will improve people’s privacy across...

Published on 23 October 2023

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