Interview with Marianna Moreno, Product Owner at Addict Mobile

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Interview with Marianna Moreno, Product Owner at Addict Mobile

Discover the central role of Marianna Moreno, Product Owner at Addict Mobile, at the intersection of various departments and client needs.

For over a year, she has been managing multiple innovation projects and ensuring the smooth progress of technological development. In this interview, delve into her daily routine and explore her commitment to continually improving Addict Mobile’s added value in mobile acquisition campaigns.

Can you describe your main responsibilities as a Product Owner at Addict Mobile?

As a Product Owner, my mission is to develop technological products for both our internal teams and our clients, from project launch to delivery. I am responsible for ensuring the added value that Addict Mobile is committed to providing its clients.

Concretely, this translates into project management, starting with the collection and understanding of needs. Next, I’m in charge of setting up the project and ensuring that it runs smoothly. This involves clearly defining specifications, planning different phases of the project, and, most importantly, monitoring each step to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned with the overall vision.

On a daily basis, I work closely with the tech team, which is at the core of project development, to ensure that specifications and deadlines are respected.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Every day starts with a ‘Daily’ meeting with the tech team every morning. It’s a short meeting based on the agile method, allowing us to discuss everyone’s progress on the projects.

Apart from that, my days are a mix of different tasks. Meetings are a big part of it, whether it’s aligning teams or discussing project progress. I also spend part of my time a portion of writing specs, where I outline project scopes, necessary features, etc. Lastly, I have a support role for the teams, so occasionally I answer their questions and solve any problems they may encounter.

Simultaneously, I also make an effort to stay informed about the latest trends and explore new approaches to enhance our projects and processes by keeping a close eye on technological developments.

How do you ensure the connection between different departments, and how do you adapt to various team members?

As soon as I arrived as product owner at Addict Mobile, I took the time to conduct individual interviews with each member of every department (account managers, creative, sales, communication & marketing) to fully understand their needs and work styles. This approach helped me understand them from both a professional and a personal point of view. It then enabled me to adapt to each one. This is something I continue to do on a regular basis through ‘needs check’ meetings.

Secondly, my technical background, acquired through my experience as a developer, has facilitated my communication with the tech team. This expertise enables me to grasp the technical aspects of their work and then explain them in an accessible and understandable way to other departments. This enables me to communicate effectively and ensure that everyone is on the same level of knowledge about the projects.

What challenges do you face on a daily basis?

My biggest daily challenge is finding the balance among all project stakeholders and meeting all project scopes. I have to make sure that everyone involved is satisfied, whether it’s the various internal departments or external clients. I also have to ensure that planning and deadlines are respected. And all this while remaining relevant!

What is the most important quality to have to succeed in your role?

I think that as a product owner at Addict Mobile, the most important quality to have is a strong ability to adapt. You have to know how to organize yourself in response to project-related changes and adjust to each person you work with. This flexibility not only allows you to deal with the constant evolution of projects but also to establish effective relationships with the various team members.

Can you share a project you are particularly proud of?

When I joined Addict Mobile, I was informed about a significant dashboard project that would be undertaken. In 2023, by integrating the Looker platform into our work tools, we developed a client dashboard tailored to their needs, providing a comprehensive view of their performance in real time. This was made possible thanks to the close collaboration between the account managers and the tech team. And even if the process was long and sometimes complex, the satisfaction of seeing the final product in action and used by our customers is a source of pride for us!


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