Operational teams at the forefront of the success of app install campaigns.

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Operational teams at the forefront of the success of app install campaigns cover

Within specialized acquisition agencies, various teams collaborate to achieve customer-set objectives. Through their roles and responsibilities, the operational teams position themselves at the core of this collaboration, ensuring the success of app install campaigns.

Meet Musique Battut, User Acquisition Director France at Addict Mobile, who joined seven years ago for an end-of-studies internship.

What is your role at Addict Mobile?

My role involves overseeing our marketing project managers (or account managers) responsible for managing acquisition campaigns for our clients. Currently, the operational teams are divided between two offices: one in Paris and the other in Madrid.

How are the operational teams organized at Addict Mobile?

Well, there are 25 of us in total, and projects are assigned based on each person’s affinity with the brands we work with. The workload associated with each client’s budget and objectives is also an important criterion. Each Account Manager can therefore work on different verticals, across all acquisition sources, and manage both the operational aspect of campaigns and the customer relationship.

In addition to client-based organization, we have established specialized cross-functional teams to address UA-related needs:

  • An analytics team responsible for exploring campaign data and discovering new ways to leverage it.
  • A UGC team that develops the entire process around UGC creatives and enriches our pool of creators. We are producing more and more videos of this type for our clients because they are very effective, so it was essential to create a dedicated team.
  • An ASO team that analyzes and optimizes clients’ store pages by creating screenshots and descriptions, for example.
  • A branding team that proposes and reflects on clients’ branding strategy in collaboration with dedicated Account Managers for each app.

An account manager can therefore manage their own client portfolio and also be part of one or more specialized teams.

How does Addict Mobile maintain its relevance and enhance its services in the management of clients’ campaigns?

There are really three main aspects that come to mind.

The creation of the specialized teams I just mentioned allows us to develop our expertise on key UA-related topics without being directly involved in pure campaign management. These teams constantly monitor the mentioned topics, enabling us to stay informed and relevant.

The second point would be our privileged relationships with various advertising platforms (TikTok, Meta, Snapchat, Google, ASA, etc.). We have dedicated account managers who help us quickly resolve issues with our campaigns. They also enable us to be among the first to test new products still in Alpha or Beta versions on platforms, offering this possibility to our clients. All of this allows us to stay ahead of the market to anticipate changes, emerging trends, and new features.

Finally, the last very important aspect for Addict Mobile is technology. We have developed proprietary technologies that facilitate campaign management for account managers and measurement for clients. On the customer side, we recently deployed the Addict Mobile HUB, which provides access to a range of tools aimed at facilitating campaign result monitoring.

A dashboard that aggregates all campaign data in one place (including SKAN data and estimation models tailored to each app).

The creative library which centralizes all visuals (concepts and variations) broadcast in campaigns, allowing real-time status monitoring.

Internally, we have implemented creative technologies that allow us to produce at a very large volume and iterate automatically, significantly increasing our chances of finding winning visuals and representing a considerable time saving.

The operational teams are central, so how do you collaborate with other teams at Addict Mobile?

Since we are at the core of both client challenges and market innovations, we also have the mission of transmitting all information internally so that everyone stays ahead and at the forefront of market knowledge.

We share performance feedback with the creative team to identify concepts and formats that perform well. We also communicate information obtained during our interactions with sources or workshops on emerging formats, for example.

On the sales side, we have also established regular workshops to support them on all market issues: platform updates, new products, acquisition strategies, vertical-specific strategies, etc. The goal is to stay at the forefront of all technologies and tools at our disposal to be effective.

We work hand in hand with our product owner who bridges the gap between operational and tech teams. This allows us to develop new features for our technologies and better meet internal and client needs.

Finally, we collaborate regularly with the marketing team to produce expert content related to the acquisition market, whether it’s articles or LinkedIn posts on market news.

As User Acquisition Director, what challenges do you face on a daily basis, and how do you overcome them? 

Il y a d’abord des challenges externes liés aux clients auxquels nous devons répondre.  

We encounter a diverse range of apps, projects, and goals that call for significant flexibility and organizational skills to meet specialized and specific needs. Additionally, we prioritize being responsive and available, which are key aspects of our work. This requires us to be totally committed to responding quickly and appropriately to specific needs and questions from our clients.

Internally, our main challenge is to maintain a consistent level of knowledge among account managers by emphasizing learning and information sharing within and across teams and projects. UA is evolving rapidly, and thanks to the diversity of our projects, teams have visibility into various challenges. Each team member has a mission to share their insights to eliminate knowledge gaps and promote the diversification of skills.

As someone who has seen the market evolve, what changes have you observed and how do you see the future? 

In recent years, the market has been profoundly impacted by privacy-related aspects, especially on iOS with SKAdNetwork and soon on Android with the Privacy Sandbox. This has had an impact on data monitoring, readability, and analysis, due to the reduced granularity of the information retrieved.

I’ve also been able to observe numerous developments related to the emergence of new acquisition sources, communication methods, new formats, etc., in response to platform needs.

To remain effective, we maintain constant vigilance, particularly in the analysis and understanding of data. We explore new ways to approach this topic, considering a broader perspective to overcome the lack of granularity.

For example, we heavily emphasize creative targeting. Given that platforms receive less data for specific targeting, we leverage this aspect to directly target users with specific messages based on their needs, intent, and desires.


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