Mobile App marketing: what you shouldn’t miss out on this summer

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UA sources, Market News, Expert Articles… all the news you shouldn’t miss this summer about user acquisition and mobile marketing.  

1. UA sources

  Apple News Apple update prices on the App Store

Prices of apps and in-app purchases on the App Store has changed for South Africa, United Kingdom and All territories that use the Euro currency.

    Google Ads News Google announces new features for gaming app campaigns

Google announced the ability to use target return on ad spend (tROAS) bidding for ACe campaigns on Android. Along with tROAS for ACe, they are announcing more features to help find and retain a valuable player base

👉 Deep-link free option for ACe

👉 tROAS optimizing for ads revenue (Ideal for hypercasual)

👉 Re-install exclusion


Google also announced a new feature named ‘play as you download’

This feature will let Android 12 users start playing games while they’re still being downloaded.

  TikTok NewsTikTok bans Investment promotion

TikTok has banned the promotion of many financial services products in order to curb fraud and misinformation of young users. This includes :  ⚠️Lending and management of money assets ⚠️Cryptocurrency  ⚠️Foreign exchange  ⚠️Pyramid schemes  ⚠️Investment services  ⚠️Get rich quick schemes


2. Expert articles by Addict Mobile

  How to run successful install app campaigns on TikTok?

This significant audience from TikTok, the most downloaded app in 2020, is now exploitable owing to the release of its own platform of campaign management since late 2019. A platform that we use since its release at Addict Mobile, more than 30 apps have been tested and 300k€ have been spent. Here are a few tips for a successful launch of your future campaigns.

  Retargeting: Our key tips for effective campaigns

Want to bring more users to your app? Discover our key tips for effective retargeting campaigns: attribution windows, user journey, segmenting the audience, adapting to scenarios and users.

  User Acquisition, on average 15% of your spends are poorly invested.

Our new feature can reduce CPI, discover how. Addict Mobile is very proud that this feature doesn’t exist anywhere else. Last update: now supports automatic optimization of AAA campaigns.


3. They talk about us

  Grégoire Mercier podcast interview by Remerge

What does it take to guarantee profitability in mobile advertising? ️Listen to the latest Apptivate podcast episode by Remerge, as guest Grégoire Mercier, CEO and founder of Addict Mobile, shares his mindset and his insights from years of experience in growing mobile apps across different verticals.

    Business Case TikTok x Cheerz: IPM x2 & CPA -7%

Creative strategy is the key point for successful campaigns on TikTok. Discover the one we have set up on TikTok for Cheerz.

Cheerz x Addict Mobile      

4. Market news


Adjust is introducing Data Residency

A system specifically designed to allow you to store your data exclusively in the region of your choice. This is the first and only explicit data residency service offered by an MMP, allowing to achieve an unprecedented level of transparency with your users about how their data is managed.

    App Annie NewsQ2 App Annie’s report

This article shows that acquisition campaigns are more timely than ever.

👉 US Consumers Download Social, Education and Photo and Video Apps in Droves, Contributing to Daily Time Spent increasing 20% from Pre-Pandemic Levels. 👉Covid-Related Apps Continue to Dominate EMEA App Markets  👉In APAC: Cross Worlds Tops Breakout Games Chart for Downloads in Both Japan and Korea 

    MEF NewsThe MEF Report

This MEF report addresses the major issues of tomorrow’s mobile advertising and dives into 🟣 The present: how the mobile advertising infrastructure changed in 2021 🟣 The past: the historical shifts that forced a change 🟣 The future: possible alternative solutions for targeting and attribution

    Mobile ecosystem is consolidating

The Appfluencers article explains why the app mobile ecosystem is consolidating and explains the challenges of first-party data for mobile players.

    iOS14 adoption rates by Branch    


Article in relation

Our tips for reaching engaged users on TikTok

According to the State of Mobile report from App Annie, in 2022, TikTok was again confirmed one of biggest growing application in terms of user engagement. Here are our best practices for managing your campaigns on TikTok.     Creative tips     – Always give preference to content with an organic approach, in order to adapt to the young and engaged audience   – Ad content is less polished than on other platforms > it is recommended that quotes from real people are highlighted, by picking up the platform’s codes, such as: filters, challenges, use of text, etc.   – Renew your creatives on average every 7 days (depending on volume and allocated budget) in order to avoid these struggling and never relaunch an old creative in a group ad   – Always add music suited to the ad and opt for short creatives (13-16 seconds)   – Need inspiration for new creatives? Consult the TikTok Top ads section! This is a library referencing all the current top creatives on the platform, by country, by campaign objective and by vertical     The platform     – Manage features offered by the platform, such as the Automated Creative Optimization tool […]

Publié le 14 September 2022
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Dating apps: What are the User Acquisition constraints?

Dating apps need acquisition to support their growth, revenue, and number of active users. Nevertheless, they are subject to constraints that are specific to this vertical.     Choosing a strategy   Before launching your campaigns, you need to think about the overall strategy for your app and your objectives:     – Gender distribution: Separate by gender and tailored content to make sure you can control the investment and, therefore, the recruitment needs for each gender.     – Objectives by gender and, therefore, adapted tracking: Make sure that the tracking on your MMP has been correctly tagged so you can track your performance in the best possible way, even if the events being tracked are different.     – Objectives by country: it is also important to analyze app awareness in each country and for each gender as this will particularly affect the types of campaigns launched and the distribution of investments.     – Investments according to seasonality: Dating apps are particularly affected by seasonality (vacations, back to school, weekends, Valentine’s Day, etc.). You need to correctly analyze the top recruitment periods for the app to know how to distribute the annual budget and not lose pockets […]

Publié le 7 September 2022
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Our creative best practices

A few months ago, we discussed the importance of creative in your mobile acquisition campaigns and how to find creative that works and positively impacts your performance. How do you achieve this goal? Here are our creative best practices:     Personalize the message according to the various targets     – The creatives must be tailored to each type of target audience.   – This is even more important as the arrival of iOS 14 has restricted targeting options. The creative is thus a different way of targeting.   – It is therefore crucial to understand your users’ motivations, needs and centers of interest. But also their fears, what stops them, what will make them hesitate to click.   – This reflection on users and the levers to make them move on to action must be conducted upstream in order to brief the creative teams in a relevant fashion and produce effective creatives without losing time.   – Be open to all types of tests, even the most daring, as no-one knows what may be effective and catchy.   For the Cityscoot campaign, personalization of creatives allowed for procuring a CPA => 30% above average.       For […]

Publié le 13 July 2022
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