Interview with Chloé Morant, Senior UA Manager and ASO Team Leader at Addict Mobile

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senior ua manager and aso team leader at addict mobile

Meet Chloé, Senior UA Manager and ASO Team Leader at Addict Mobile. She joined in 2021 as a UA Manager and is now also in charge of the ASO Team, ensuring maximum visibility and performance for mobile apps. 

In this interview, discover how Chloé manages the various aspects of her role and her team, while keeping Addict Mobile competitive in the ever-evolving mobile market. 

Can you tell us about your main responsibilities at Addict Mobile? 

As a Senior UA Manager at Addict Mobile, my role is focused on project management. My responsibilities cover various aspects such as operational management: creating creative briefs, overseeing production by our studio, and developing strategic recommendations, etc. I also regularly work with the tech team to coordinate our tracking tools and ensure that the data provided to clients is as accurate as possible. Another crucial aspect of my job is customer relation, as understanding their needs is essential to support them in the most relevant way. 

Regarding ASO, a complementary subject to user acquisition, we have established a dedicated team to develop specific expertise in this area. Currently, I am responsible for this team. In addition to operational tasks like writing and producing deliverables, I supervise the team. I handle the onboarding of new members and their ongoing training. 

What does an ASO service entail and how do you manage it at Addict? 

App Store Optimisation aims to improve the visibility and attractiveness of an app in the stores to boost conversions. At Addict Mobile, we manage this with two main approaches: keyword optimization and visual production, always following the guidelines of each store.

Our process is quite structured. It begins with a kickoff call with the client to understand their expectations and get to know the app. This step allows us to capture the essence of the app so that we can reflect it faithfully and in an appealing way in the stores. We then establish a retro-planning that may include a complete overhaul (texts, visuals, videos) and an A/B testing strategy. Our goal is to develop a sustainable strategy that evolves with the market and the client’s needs. 

Can you tell us more about the ASO team’s organization and the work process? 

The ASO team is spread across different countries, which requires coordination to work together despite the distance. I make sure that projects are assigned considering each member’s strengths, such as language proficiency or cultural familiarity with the target market, to provide the most relevant expertise for each market. 

To maintain a good team dynamic, we favor working together in the same office to improve communication and cohesion. However, thanks to our experience with international teams, we often successfully manage projects involving multiple offices. In these cases, regular meetings are organized to ensure smooth coordination. We are used to managing these challenges, so staying flexible and responsive to meet all objectives is not an issue! 

How do you stay competitive and proactive in providing ASO services? 

To address these challenges, we adopt several key approaches: 

  • First, we maintain constant monitoring of the market and app store developments to stay informed about the latest best practices and changes in restrictions, allowing us to quickly integrate these updates into our recommendations. 
  • We conduct regular benchmarks tailored to different verticals to offer relevant and current recommendations. 
  • We also rely on our creative studio, which consists of graphic designers experienced in ASO, to produce modern visuals that align with each client’s identity. 
  • Finally, in addition to our one-shot service, we offer a long-term service that includes a comprehensive A/B testing strategy. This allows us to challenge ourselves and seize new opportunities to constantly improve our conversion rates and retention within the app.

What challenges do you face in your day-to-day work?   

As a project manager, I face many challenges daily. I regularly work with various departments, including tech, sales, and creative teams. This requires me not only to constantly adapt my approach, but also to juggle different responsibilities to foster synergies between departments. Another significant challenge is ensuring that the clients’ needs are clearly understood and integrated by all teams. 

Project management in ASO and UA also demands great flexibility. Our clients are diverse, with varied expectations, and are at different stages of their product development. Additionally, the mobile market evolves rapidly and has increasingly strict legal constraints, so it’s crucial to always be adaptable to adjust our working methods and reporting tools. 

These challenges are exactly what motivate me in this position. They offer me a comprehensive perspective of the business and allow me to commit myself fully, which I greatly appreciate. 

In your opinion, what is the most important quality to succeed as a project manager? 

To succeed in my position, the most important quality is undoubtedly the ability to self-reflect. Given the constantly evolving market and the various challenges encountered, I believe it is crucial to regularly step back to reassess and rethink our strategic approaches and processes, both external and internal, to optimize synergies and customer support. 

Do you have a particular habit or tradition at the office that might be surprising? 

I think it’s not just my habit, but one shared by the entire team in Madrid. We’re all quite sensitive to the cold, so we each keep our Addict Mobile hoodies at our desks for those times when the air conditioning is too strong for our liking. It’s a very corporate habit! 


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