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Explore this Meta glossary to discover or review your vocabulary related to this essential User acquisition channel.

Advertising Placements on Meta Products

Various placements are available to promote advertisements in user acquisition campaigns, depending on the Meta product used:

  • Facebook: ads are mostly displayed in the user’s feed or between each Story or Reel, although many other placements are available.
  • Instagram: this product is widely used to broadcast portrait formats, especially through Stories and Reels, which are well-suited for UGC, a now essential format in user acquisition.
  • Audience Network: Inventory for delivering ads outside the Meta ecosystem, on third-party applications and partner websites.

Facebook SDK (Software Development Kit)  

Development kit provided by Meta that can be integrated into an application to better feed the algorithm, in particular using the AEM method.  While the integration of this SDK is not mandatory if the tracking tool’s SDK is already integrated, it provides the opportunity to add an additional source of data.

Meta App Ad  

To be able to launch acquisition campaigns, a mandatory prerequisite is the creation of a Meta App Ad on Meta’s Developer platform. This will act as an alias on Meta for the promoted application, available on iOS and Android stores.

Media Library  

A platform containing all the creative uploaded to the advertiser’s account. It also provides access to various features, such as the ability to download or delete several visuals simultaneously.

Meta Ad Library  

A public database provided by Meta that allows users to search and view information about all advertisements displayed on Meta platforms.

Advantage+  Campaigns

A primarily automated solution designed to maximize results with minimal manual interventions. The algorithm generates ads from a selection of visuals (videos/static) and texts (headlines, descriptions) provided by the advertiser, taking into account user preferences.

Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM)  

A specific measurement and attribution method implemented by Meta to measure the performance of web and app campaigns for users on iOS 14.5 or later. It serves as an alternative attribution method to Apple’s SKAdNetwork. Consequently, the campaign relies on distinct data from SKAN to feed the algorithm.

Mobile App installs (MAI)  

This refers to a campaign optimization aimed at generating the maximum number of installations for a given budget.

App Event Optimisation (AEO)   

Corresponds to an installation campaign optimized according to specific in-app events aligned with the advertiser’s objectives (registration, purchase, etc.). To implement this,  it is necessary to set up event mapping on the tracking tool beforehand and match it with the Meta partner.

Value Optimization (VO) 

This refers to an installation campaign to generate maximum revenue by targeting users likely to make one or more purchases within the application. This type of optimization is more suitable for advertisers looking to maximize their return on investment.

Targeting Options on Meta

  • Interests: Meta provides the option to target users based on specific interests (Sports, Entertainment, etc.) available when setting up the campaign. This is an effective way to reach a specific audience.

  • Lookalikes: This feature allows the creation of audiences that share similar characteristics with an existing audience. It enables targeting groups with similar traits to your audience, aiming to reach new individuals who might be interested in the application.

Types of Visuals on Meta

Meta offers various types of visuals for its campaigns, with formats that vary according to the different locations on Meta products.

  • Statics: Advertising banners that can be displayed across all Meta products (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network). The format varies depending on the chosen placement (Facebook Feed, Instagram Explorer, etc.). The portrait format (9:16) is preferred for Stories (more details here).  

  • Videos: Advertising videos that can be broadcast across all Meta products (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network). The format varies depending on the chosen placement (Facebook Reels, Instagram Stories, etc.). The portrait format (9:16) is favored for Stories and Reels (more details here) .

  • Carousels: A collection of images or videos, available only in the Feed of various Meta products, highlighting various products or features of the application (more details here) .


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