AppsFlyer’s Fraud Report: Fraud decreases by 30% year-over-year.

Published on 20 January 2021 | Categorized in

The Appsflyer 2020 report on app install fraud is out and notes a 30% decrease in fraudulent installations.

Global Trends to take away : 

  • A 30% year-over-year decrease
  • Installation fraud is still very present in the world with a different type of fraud depending on the region
  • Non-gaming apps are more exposed to fraud than gaming apps
  • Bots are the most common form of app install fraud 

The decrease of app install fraud can be explained for several reasons :

  • Maturity of the actors who invest in User Acquisition and therefore more aware of fraud.
  • Limitation of investments by advertisers on fraudulent ad networks.
  • More efficient anti-fraud tools developed by tracking tools.
  • Partners as Addict Mobile who warn about fraud and do their utmost to reduce fraud

At Addict Mobile we have always fought against different types of fraud because they directly impact campaign performances. 

Our analyses are complementary to the tracking tools and allow us to identify fraudulent behavior beforehand. These methodology allow our customers to save up to 30% of their invoice (Analysis of the time between installation and action within the app, comparison of IP addresses, installation times, etc…) 


Download the full report here


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