Creatives as a key performance lever

We use our expertise and knowledge of what converts best into mobile, to produce 100% performance-oriented creatives thanks to our in-house studio

The goal? For our visuals to convert

With our experience in publishing, we were led to develop our own in-house studio which allows us to create mobile ads that convert. For more than 15 years, our graphic design team has been producing and developing visuals adapted to the mobile market and user behaviors. This approach means we’ve secured top performances for the campaigns we manage.

We have developed a technology to automate the production and the variation of our creatives on a large scale With this new tool, we overcome one of the biggest challenges faced in user acquisition: The continuous renewal of creative assets in order to avoid the infamous concept of Ad Fatigue.

We have been application editors before supporting our customers. We know how key creative is to a profitable user acquisition strategy. We know how key creatives are in the implementation of a customer acquisition strategy. That’s why we decided to include the production of visuals in our service without extra cost.

Grégoire Mercier


A customer-oriented process

Definition of the need

Contact with our operational teams to define the creative needs of your campaigns.

We work with your assets

You send us the essential elements in terms of brand image (logo, typo, guidelines, photoshoots, etc.). We produce creatives using your assets and your guidelines.

Creatives production

We propose various different concepts of videos and static formats (UGC, motion design …) to explore all approaches.

Client validation + Creative launch

You validate our creative proposals, then we decline them into all of the formats adapted to each platform.

Iteration and refreshing

Each concept is declined according to the maximum of criteria (background, language, call to action, text…) to identify the top creatives and generate the best performances. Throughout the campaigns, we regularly refresh the visuals to avoid Ad fatigue.

Discover the other steps to a successful acquisition strategy


discuss your objectives to define a relevant and adapted strategy

Media buying

Discover our expertise in performance-based campaign management


100% transparent and updated daily


Complete your user acquisition strategy with re-engagement campaigns


Optimize your store pages to boost your organic traffic and improve the performance of your campaigns.


Our teams support you in the implementation of an Audit on key topics related to mobile


Thanks to our automation technologies we are not limited in the production of visuals. The number of creatives produced will depend on the number of campaigns to be launched and therefore on the budgets and on the performance of the campaigns. We don’t set any limit and regularly refresh the visuals according to the performance and the needs and this without additional cost

Since we accompany you in the management of your user acquisition campaigns, we do not charge for creative production. We know only too well how important they are to the success of campaigns. If you manage your acquisition, we can accompany you only on the creative production, the price will depend on your needs.

Usually we plan a call between our operations team and our graphic designers and your team. So you can send us all the important elements to respect your charter, we can define a creative perimeter and propose concepts for validation.


Our offices

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Paris / FRANCE

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Madrid / SPAIN

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New York / USA

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