Interview with Frederique Pager, Chief Marketing Officer at Addict Mobile

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Chief Marketing Officer at Addict Mobile

Meet Frederique Pager, Chief Marketing Officer at Addict Mobile for five years. She first joined in 2016 as sales manager France and now manages marketing, communication, and partnerships. As both a witness and player in the company’s many developments, Frederique plays a crucial role in its growth. 

In this interview, discover how she is shaping Addict Mobile’s marketing strategy to tackle the challenges of an ever-changing app market. 

Can you tell us about your main responsibilities at Addict Mobile? 

My role is to develop and implement our marketing strategy on an international scale to ensure it aligns perfectly with Addict Mobile’s business objectives and supports our sales teams in three key regions: Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. The goal is to position our services and products in a way that highlights the strengths of our company’s strength and to identify and participate in all key industry events. 

On the communication side, I make sure that Addict Mobile’s voice is heard by deploying content on the right communication channels to ensure optimal visibility. 

I also manage partnerships through which we seek to develop our relationships with players in the mobile app industry, who face similar challenges and targets as ours. My job is to oversee these collaborations to ensure they are mutually beneficial and well-leveraged. 

How do marketing and communication strategies contribute to generating business and opportunities for Addict Mobile? 

Since the rise of mobile in the 2010s, the market has evolved considerably and become very mature. Advertisers have broader knowledge and are looking for specific support. 

In response to this evolution, we need to have a marketing strategy that stands out from our competitors to generate business. Therefore, we focus on the added value of our products and services to ensure that our support precisely meets client needs through impactful and attractive presentations, content writing that demonstrates our expertise, and a quality website. 

To grow our business, it’s also important to create in-person connections, so we make it a point to participate in or sponsor various events. This also includes organizing our own events and making the right choices in terms of formats and partners. 

How do you work hand in hand with the sales and operational teams? 

My 3 years’ experience as a sales manager has given me a valuable understanding of the challenges in the field. This perspective is essential because it allows me to understand the sales teams’ stakes, and anticipate their obstacles and needs. This enables me to adjust our marketing strategies to ensure they are truly effective. We make sure that the sales managers have all the necessary tools, without having to worry about technical details, to guarantee smooth interactions with prospects and precise responses to their needs. 

My team also works closely with the operational teams, which is essential. On a daily basis, they are in direct contact with technologies and clients, and can provide us with crucial insights into current trends and market developments. And having “sold” Addict Mobile in the past, I’m now better able to understand them and simplify the technical aspects of our content, which is essential for adapting our language and reaching different targets. 

Managing marketing, communication, and partnerships must be a real challenge. How do you manage to balance the different facets of your role? 

Managing these different aspects is indeed a challenge, but I find that the balance comes quite naturally. In reality, the marketing strategy sets the direction: which products we highlight, how we want to sell them, and our positioning in the market. 

Once this strategy is established, communication then supports this strategy, with a dedicated part of the team working on content and visual aspects to make our message more attractive. 

As for partnerships, this is a human aspect of my role, which we maintain daily by interacting with players in the mobile ecosystem and which we call upon occasionally to organize content exchanges, joint events, webinars, or any other actions that seem relevant in view of our objectives and the geographies we wish to address.

What daily challenges do you face in your role? 

The major challenge is to find the right balance between being in the field to get a pulse on the industry and being in the office to manage and produce with my team, especially in an industry that evolves as quickly as ours. 

On one hand, I have to be present in the field to understand market dynamics while ensuring that our marketing actions are well-perceived and effective. 

At the same time, I must ensure that our company is well-positioned in a competitive market. This means staying informed about the actions of our competitors and partners, as well as market trends to define our own positioning strategy. 

Another crucial aspect is understanding the changing expectations of our clients and ensuring that our product evolves in the right direction to meet these needs.

 In your opinion, what is the most important quality for success in your position? 

Versatility is key. It allows me to navigate between different departments, which is crucial. For example, I need to be able to communicate effectively with the sales teams, quickly understand their often-urgent needs, and respond accordingly. But also with the operational teams, who have a more technical job. I must be able to understand their language and translate that information into clear, accessible, and attractive messages. 

I would say that tenacity is also crucial. In this role, you often act like a project manager, pushing initiatives through to fruition. This means continually prompting not only the internal teams to ensure project progress but also the salespeople to anticipate their needs, as well as the partners to stay the course and ensure that everyone remains aligned and motivated. 

And finally, a global vision is also very important to avoid focusing solely on certain aspects at the expense of others. This helps maintain balance and ensures that all aspects of the business move forward in sync.


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