TikTok campaigns: Our tips for reaching engaged users

Published on 14 September 2022 | Categorized in

According to the State of Mobile report from App Annie, in 2022, TikTok was again confirmed as one of the biggest growing applications in terms of user engagement.

Here are our best practices for managing your TikTok campaigns.

Creative tips

– Always give preference to content with an organic approach, in order to adapt to the young and engaged audience

– Ad content is less polished than on other platforms > It is recommended that quotes from real people are highlighted, by picking up the platform’s codes, such as filters, challenges, use of text, etc.

– Renew your creatives on average every 7 days (depending on volume and allocated budget) in order to avoid these struggles and never relaunch an old creative in a group ad

– Always add music suited to the ad and opt for short creatives (13-16 seconds)

– Need inspiration for new creatives? Consult the TikTok Top ads section! This is a library referencing all the current top creatives on the platform, by country, by campaign objective, and by vertical

The platform

– Manage features offered by the platform, such as the Automated Creative Optimization tool (which allows for automating ad optimization on the platform), city targeting, or Spark Ads (native ad format that allows for amplifying posts by offering a format similar to the organic)

TikTok will become a “self-attribution” platform. This means that TikTok will directly manage the attribution of campaigns and display its own data in TikTok Ads Manager, rather than displaying data from a third party (MMP). With this change, TikTok Ads Manager will accurately report all conversions that occurred during the attribution window of a given campaign. This change will more accurately reflect TikTok’s influence on conversion campaigns and should result in increased conversions.

TikTok Campaigns launches

– Start by targeting the widest possible audience then refine this, whether through demographic criteria, interests or personalized audiences

– Define a campaign objective > Install, in-app event. Adjust the daily budget to at least 50*CPA.

– It is recommended for Tiktok campaigns be launched with a bid approximately 3x larger that your objective, in order to give the opportunity for the algorithm to be enhanced.

– Do not change the bid too suddenly > You must lower your bid progressively until you reach your objective.

– For apps that lend themselves to it, it is also recommended you support your acquisition strategy with brand awareness campaigns, especially through partnerships with TikTok creators.

The restrictions

– The regulation policies change depending on the country > for example, to disseminate ads in some countries, the ad must be translated into that country’s language(s).

– Some turns of phrases or expressions are also to be excluded. You, therefore, need to remember to thoroughly research the prerequisites for creating advertising on the desired market in advance, otherwise, your risk having your ads rejected.

– Some verticals, such as dating, must pay attention to content that is too suggestive, as this will be refused.

– Currently, for fintech, crypto, nft apps, etc., you must also do your homework and show your credentials in order to be able to disseminate on the platform, even if the rules are relaxing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like personalized assistance.


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