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Addict Mobile et Quo Vadis : Acquisition d'utilisateursSpecialist in time management, Quo Vadis’ core activity is paper planners and diaries. In 2018, the brand decided to rely on digital technology to reinvent the organization of time with the Quo Vadis’ app, a diary that can be checked on iPhones at a glance. It enables users to organize and prioritize their time and optimize their day to make their life easier! In order to promote this app – which has been given a new look –, Quovadis has called on Addict Mobile. The objective? To recruit new users and measure their commitment to the app. 

Objectives & Challenges

Acquisition mobile Quo Vadis Addict Mobile OS: iOS only Location: Five French-speaking countries (France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg). Objectives :

To better position the app in a highly competitive market.

To compete directly with native phone apps.

Sources : 3 active sources: Facebook, Apple Search Ads and Twitter Period of Time: Campaign launch at the time of the brand’s high selling points: the start of the new school year and the end of the year.  


  • Set up Search campaigns on Apple Search Ads to capitalize on the keywords searched by users on this type of products.
  • Launch Facebook/Instagram campaigns to acquire new users.
  • Optimize campaigns according to events within the app: creation of a task or an event.
  • Analyze the subscription rate on our campaigns.


Since the app could be used by the greatest number of people, we tested different targets in order to identify those who performed best.
  • « Look a like » approach on people who have already completed a task within the app.
  • Demographic target: conducting gender-specific campaigns to achieve the lowest costs.
  • Target people by interest.
Here, the combination of the most effective targets allowed us to reduce the CPI by 50% compared to the original targets. We were also able to achieve install > event conversion rates and a retention equal to those of organic conversions.  

Where to?

Within these three different activate sources, we fine-tuned the locations based on performance at the time of campaigns: Newsfeed Facebook and Instagram & Audience Network.  


As Addict Mobile manages the creation and adaptation of all the visuals, we were able to A/B test different color combinations and formats in order to identify the most effective ones.
  • Carousel
  • Static Visuals (banner + square)
  • Videos
As the application introduced new features from one period to another, we were able to learn a lot thanks to the A/B tests through a large number of designs. As a result, we were able to identify the features that were best received by users!   Top creatives acquisition

Addict Mobile et Quo Vadis : Acquisition d'utilisateurs

Additional Organic Downloads

By increasing expenditures to generate more volume during campaigns, the app has climbed up in the stores’ rankings. As a result, it gained visibility and had a direct impact on the number of additional organic downloads: between 10 and 30% depending on the month.   App Store Optimization The ASO is important in acquisition campaign. It ensures that users recruited during acquisition campaigns will land on a page that is optimized to maximize conversions. Addict Mobile has supported Quo Vadis on that matter.
  • Competitors’ analysis and positioning
  • Keyword recommendations based on relevance, level of difficulty and competition
  • Production of descriptions according to the identified keywords
  • Screenshots and presentation videos about the stores
  • Recommendations on the elements that make up the page: titles, icons, etc.


  • CPI inferior to €1, 50% decrease vs. targets
  • Conversion rates equal to organic ones
  • More than 50 different campaigns tested in 2.5 months
  • 20% additional organic users during the campaign period
  • Ranking top 30 in the “productivity” category!
Addict Mobile teams are attentive and reactive. The acquisition campaigns set up have generated high volumes of downloads.
Flore Thellier, Communication Manager


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