App install: How creative automation improves BeSoccer’s acquisition campaigns


+ than 1 million

downloads between June and December 2020



+ than 5500

Creatives in 6 month

The context

Be Soccer is a soccer application founded in 2008 that gives access to all soccer information: matches, live results, news, statistics and all information about the players. With more than 38 million downloads, Be Soccer is highly ranked among mobile apps. Since June 2020, Addict Mobile has been helping the brand to acquire new users for its application.


As the app business model is based on in-app advertising and partnerships, we run campaigns with the lowest possible cost per installation (CPI) objective. The BeSoccer app covers all national and international competitions in all countries of the world. The Addict Mobile teams have therefore deployed an efficient and personalized management to meet this challenge and to broadcast campaigns according to countries, competitions, interests and languages.


Sources: Facebook and Google have been prioritized because they have the largest audiences and very fine targeting capabilities.

A large-scale strategy, with very precise set-up: more than 107 different campaigns were launched in more than 219 countries, in 6 different languages and covering more than 20 national and international competitions. The teams ensure daily monitoring to keep only those campaigns that generate the lowest CPI.

Creatives play a key role in this process. To ensure that the lowest costs are always obtained on large volumes, it is key to refresh the visuals very regularly and adapt them to the audience according to each country (players, match, transfers, club…).

For this purpose, Addict Mobile has developed its own technology: Addict Ads Generator. The latter allows the teams of graphic designers to:

Automate the production of visuals by dynamically adapting each element according to the championships, countries and dates of the matches from a Template predefined by our graphic design teams.

Automatically launch the designs on Facebook by associating the texts in the concerned language according to the targets.

At the same time, we continue to manually produce visuals in order to respond quickly to soccer news or new features launched:

-Adapt the players and the logo according to transfers.

– Present statistics by a player and by a club.

addict mobile covers be soccer 106

These 2 approaches combined allow us to be extremely reactive, adapting our strategy to each country depending on its affinity with soccer and to regularly testing new concepts to generate the lowest costs.

Thanks to this new technology as well as to our graphic team, nearly 5500 creatives were distributed between June and December (in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and German), covering more than 219 countries and more than 20 national and international competitions.

A massive strategy that saved 4 hours of time on the graphic designers’ side and had a strong impact on performance.

"Addict Mobile has played a key role in Besoccer's growth Thanks to the brandflexibility and experience in the industry, we have been able to develop acquisition campaigns fully coordinated with our department, respecting at all times the established GEO and KPI strategies. We have also been able to carry out joint technical developments that have enabled us to make the process much more efficient."

Miguel Pretel — CEO
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