Addict Mobile & Coyote: Let’s Conquer the roads of Europe!

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A pioneer in driving aid systems, Coyote has been accompanying its users on the French and European roads for over 13 years. It offers a complete range of driving assistance wizards using its connected boxes and its mobile app. The coyote community now has more than five million members in Europe.

Thanks to its strong reputation in the field of integrated driving aid systems, Coyote wishes now to attract new users. How? Through its application that allows real-time “alerting” and thus ensures better driving conditions. Addict Mobile is proud to run Coyote’s app install campaigns.



  • Start date: November 2018
  • Scope of the offer: all mobile acquisition sources
  • iOS & Android
Triple objectives:

– Make the application known to as many people as possible (Coyote is best known for its boxes). – Spread out campaigns across four countries in Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium. – Switch from a download logic to a more Retrun On Investment logic (opening new accounts).



  Coyote’s app install campaigns In order to implement a new strategy to generate new registrations, several campaigns have been deployed in the four countries mentioned above.

1. “Conquest campaigns” to generate new subscribers directly within the application.

2. “Re-engagement campaigns” for users who have installed the application but have not subscribed to the trial offer.

  Sources Identify the best potentials in line with Coyote’s target and strengthen investments for the sources that perform best.
  • Facebook Campaigns (News feed, audience network, messenger, story) & Instagram (story and news feed).
  • Google UAC Campaign (search and display).
  • Apple Search Ads Campaign (search).
  The target: More than 60 unique targets tested
  • Same audience as the best users who are already using the app.
  • Demographic audience (age and gender) to target men, the coyote’s core target.
  • Interest driven: related to the road and driving or travel.
  • Behavioral audience.
  • Targeting relevant keywords for Coyote.

Addict Mobile has also supported Coyote in the implementation of its tagging plan with the Appsflyers SDK tracking. This approach has allowed Coyote to better measure campaign performance. These third-party tools are essential to measure and approve the quality of the installs generated through our advertising.


The campaigns have been optimized to meet the client’s main objective: to encourage subscription during the trial period (CPR). Several solutions have been chosen to maximize campaign performance.

  • Audience optimization for each campaign in order to allocate the maximum amount to the best targets.
  • Regular design updates according to languages, regulations, performances, but also seasonality.
  • Automatic Facebook sites management in order to maximize overall campaign performance (=optimized placement).
  • We have also extended spendings during key holiday periods (long weekends, summer holidays, Christmas, etc.).
  Creative Content

Addict Mobile manages and realizes all designs, based on the assets provided by the customer. For instance, we have translated and adapted each path to each country. Managing internally the designs allows us to be more responsive. Indeed, we are able to regularly update/refresh visuals (seasonality, new regulations, hot spots) to improve their efficiency, their impact and their performance.

Four types of visuals were tested:
  • product-oriented videos;
  • banners;
  • square layouts;
  • We also had to adapt the content to each local road features: speed limits are different in each country, as are the communication channels. For example, in France, we never talk about radars, unlike in other countries where their geographical localization is legal.
app install campaigns Coyote
Examples of End-card designs according to countries.

To be able to achieve this, we have used DLO (Dynamic Language Optimization) and DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) tools on Facebook as they allow us to plan different visuals and texts (in different languages). It is also possible to generate several combinations depending on the target audience. These tools have been very relevant and efficient in countries such as Belgium, where two different languages are used. We A/B tested a large number of combinations to identify the most efficient ones.

To do this, our graphic studio has produced more than 409 different visuals.

app install campaign Coyote
Designs & Routes Adaptations according to each country


  App install campaign Coyote  
  • the decrease in CPIs and CPRs in the first half of 2019 made it possible to increase conversions without increasing budgets (particularly in Spain: CPI -13% and CPR -15%)
  • The acquisition represents 40% of new accounts and 70% in other countries
We wanted to move from a download logic to a more Return On Investement logic. Thanks to Addict Mobile’s tools, we can now track the performance at each stage of the funnel, optimize expenses in real time and manage campaigns according to our acquisition cost objectives. S.Cavaillé – Coyote


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