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How to adapt one's worldwide strategy in order to improve results.


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The context

Addict Mobile has been accompanying Soccer Star since June 2021, piloting the campaigns with a ROAS objective.


Most of Soccer Star’s revenue comes from in-app purchases and paid advertising views. In addition to this, there is advertising revenue. The application is available in every country, which is why it is so important to develop a strategy that maximises the profitability of the application in each one. We have developed a multi-country strategy, divided into several phases and able to meet the profitability criteria of each geo.


The first step was to test 2 types of optimization:

  • “value” (the value of the users’ purchase) which normally leads to a higher ROAS
  • “purchase” (number of purchases made by users) that has more of an impact on maximising the campaign’s CPA

At the same time we launch worlwide campaigns in which we mix all countries. This approach allows us to identify the optimization/geo combinations that work best.

Once identified, the campaigns are divided on the one hand on the countries of the third 1 (USA, UK, Germany, Spain), with strong purchasing power to generate CPA. We then adopt a unique strategy for each country to refine the campaigns and better control the results. On the other hand, we also retain all the Tier 2 and 3 countries, where the opportunities are favourable, but where it would be difficult to run unique campaigns. In order to get the best results from these countries, we conduct campaigns covering groups of geographical areas aimed at increasing the size of the audiences, to the point where the results obtained are equivalent to those of the best T1 campaigns.

"Addict Mobile gives us the stability and confidence we need to develop our project."

Angel Sanchez — CEO & Co-Founder

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