How adapting campaigns to product changes has doubled acquisition budgets









The context

eBuyClub is a specialized cashback application that gives you cash back on your online and in-store purchases. New promotions and cashback offers are proposed every day. Addict Mobile has been assisting the brand since 2020 with the acquisition of new users for its app.


eBuyClub is an app that has not stopped evolving since Addict Mobile has been accompanying it in its acquisition strategy. Initially specializing in online cashback, eBuyClub subsequently developed in-store cashback, and then gift certificates. This diversification is operated in terms of products, and also in terms of offers, with a constantly growing network of partner merchants.

The acquisition campaigns have therefore evolved at the same time as all these developments.


We can distinguish three phases in creating acquisition strategies:

Initial indications: The idea during this phase is to take the pulse of things during an initial acquisition stage: test budgets, prioritization on main sources (Facebook and Google), and fixed objectives over the start of the funnel (qualified clicks before purchase outside the app). This phase allows us to build solid bases for an acquisition strategy:

– Define the best sources (Google)

– Identify the best-performing types of optimization (installation)

– Understand which products trigger installation (in-store cashback function)

– Test a sample of partner merchants


Diversification of the strategy

eBuyClub launched the gift voucher (in-app purchase) and asked us to assist it in promoting this new product. We therefore integrated this new product into the visual asset creation process, but above all adapted the strategy towards end of funnel logics, as this time the purchase is made in-app. This allows us to renew testing of the optimization types, and this for each of the activated sources. The increase in acquisition budgets following the good results obtained also allowed for testing new sources, and in particular Snapchat.



At the start of 2022, as the idea was to considerably increase the app’s fame and volumes, we readjusted the strategy accordingly.

  • Sources: Increased budgets on the main sources and launch of appropriate new sources to meet these new objectives: preload, TikTok, and Huawei.
  • Optimizations: We return to the start of funnel logics in order to prioritize the volume.
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