DTM #8: I have an in-house team, I don’t need a mobile marketing agency to manage my UA campaigns

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I have an in-house team, I don't need a mobile marketing agency to outsource my UA campaigns

User Acquisition Myth #8: I have an in-house team, I don’t need a mobile marketing agency to manage my UA campaigns

When an in-house team is dedicated to user acquisition, it can be tempting to believe that the knowledge and resources at hand are sufficient to meet the application’s challenge.

However, in the face of constant challenges in the acquisition market as well as the developments within the application itself, it is crucial not to overlook the many opportunities and advantages that specialized agencies can bring.

Mobile marketing agencies have comprehensive expertise

Working with a specialized partner allows applications to benefit from their expertise:

  • Global vision: With their highly diversified customer portfolios, mobile marketing agencies acquire in-depth exhaustive knowledge of the market, across all verticals. They are confronted with various challenges (privacy, source restrictions, seasonality, etc.) and different objectives (ROAS, CPI, ROI). External partners master as many challenges and objectives as there are application typologies and can thus draw on this expertise to benefit their customers.

  • Mastery of channels: By exploiting all the acquisition channels available regularly (Google, Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, Apple Search Ads, Ad Networks, DSP, etc.), mobile marketing agencies benefit from mastery of all types of campaigns, targeting strategies, features, algorithms, best practices, etc., enabling them to fully leverage the potential of each channel.

  • Creative Production: Creative production in UA requires a deep understanding of the acquisition sector, the mobile environment, trends, and best practices to produce tailored visuals. One of the main challenges is avoiding ad fatigue. Therefore, continuous A/B testing is necessary to determine the most effective concepts and constantly refresh visuals. All of this requires significant resources.

At Addict Mobile, the creative studio is staffed by over 10 UA experts, combined with automation technologies, enabling the production of large volumes of visuals tailored to client needs.

Competitive advantages specific to UA partners

Advances technologies for acquisition campaigns

Beyond their expertise, specialized partners often benefit from advanced technologies to effectively address UA needs. Reporting and measurement systems are implemented to ensure accurate performance monitoring.

At Addict Mobile, the tech team has developed various technologies over the years to meet the diverse needs of teams and clients, as well as to adapt to market changes, including:

  • An automated campaign optimization system.
  • An automated technology for large-scale production of visuals.
  • A technology for automated publication of campaigns on Meta
  • A comprehensive dashboard providing a real-time and detailed view of performance
  • A creative library that consolidates all advertising visuals used in campaigns.

These different tools enable to be more efficient and to devote teams’ time to establishing strategies, analyzing results, producing new concepts, keeping watch, etc.

Exclusive Relationships with Distribution Channels

By managing substantial budgets for their clients’ campaigns, service providers develop close ties with distribution channels, providing them with:

  • The ability to anticipate market evolutions and emerging trends.
  • Exclusive access to new products and solutions.
  • Dedicated teams to quickly resolve potential issues.
  • Technical support to address challenges related to attribution, data analysis, etc.

This proximity allows them to adapt their strategies accordingly, offering publishers that utilize their services a significant competitive advantage.

Flexibility tailored to evolving acquisition needs

UA needs can change depending on seasonality, highlights, or simply the type of the app. Test phases can be lengthy, budgets vary regularly according to objectives. Turning to a service provider allows for the efficient adjustment of resources to these variations.

Building up a complete in-house UA team can be a difficult task, given the diversity of profiles required for an effective team (UA managers, data/tech experts, complete creative team, etc.) and the recruitment costs involved. When you can’t be sure of maintaining constant acquisition volumes, and budgets vary according to your objectives, the decision to set up a dedicated team may not pay off.

External teams are structured to effectively absorb the extra workload during periods of increased activity, ensuring responsiveness and efficiency. This enables application publishers to focus on other aspects of their business.

The constant pursuit of improvement and innovation

Even by internalizing the acquisition process, involving a service provider provides a valuable external perspective, challenging teams to ensure the optimal implementation of all initiatives. Experts identify undetected problems, suggest solutions, ensure that no opportunities are overlooked, and encourage a constant quest for improvements.

Questioning encourages innovation, stimulates creativity, and allows for exploring new approaches to maximize the efficiency of acquisition campaigns.


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