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How can we increase a news app’s audience whilst keeping acquisition costs as they are?



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The context

A new Le Parisien app was launched in the summer of 2020 based on the observations that 80% of Le Parisien are on their mobile but only 11% use the app. The aim is to make the experience more intuitive, more personal and more adapted to current habits!

In the wake of this new campaign, Le Parisien has reached out to Addict Mobile and has since seen a significant increase in its audience.

Addict Mobile has enabled us to grow our audience significantly. By working together in close cooperation, we have been able to set priorities to fulfil our objectives.


The audience growth objective was based on objectives in terms of CPI, retention rates and sessions. The challenge was therefore to combine low CPI with volume and quality.


To meet this challenge, the strategy was based on extensive creative work. Many tests were performed: formats (static vs. videos), content (generic presenting the app vs. news) or type of news (hot vs. cold, different categories). This strategy allowed us to identify the Top concepts and to adapt them as we went along.

Very quickly, news creatives showed up to 3x lower CPI than generic creatives. Refreshing the designs every day according to the news and hot topics pushed by Le Parisien is a challenge for our graphic designers.

That’s why, in order to support our growth objectives while pushing this type of creative, we’ve put our automation and delivery technologies at the service of our campaigns. From an automatically updated article feed we can modify all the elements of the creative (text, image, title, app icon) and automatically post it on the platform according to the targeted audience.


The second lever to achieve the objectives was to expand the mix to keep acquisition costs low while increasing budgets. We called upon 5 different sources:

  • Facebook: this is the best source for testing. It provides the best range in terms of targeting and can check artwork accurately, so that the corresponding tests can be carried out more easily.
  • Google and Apple Search Ads: these can be used to reach a more focused audience with more engaged users.
  • Twitter: the audience is very interested in current affairs and the platform allows for specific targeting.
  • Preload: Very attractive CPI allowing for competitive usage costs. It can also reach users early on in their browsing history as soon as they switch on their phone.

A complementary retargeting strategy allowed us to re-engage sleeping users with relevant content and thus maximize the performance of our campaigns.

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