How did the Bodeboca Acquisition Campaigns Outperformed During the Lockdown?

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Addict Mobile has given us more qualification than we expected on our campaigns, enabling us to achieve our growth targets. Their responsiveness, industry knowledge and creative production studio are key to managing this vital lever in our business.

Guadalupe Asensio – Head of marketing – Bodeboca


With more than 6,000 references, Bodeboca — a Pernod Ricard Group brand since June 2019 — is the leading online wine retailer in Spain.

Their app was launched in 2015 and is gradually gaining in importance within distribution channels. Today, the app accounts for 17% of the brand’s total sales or volume.

Having said that, the brand is seeking to generate a positive ROI and increase the app users’ number by collaborating with Addict Mobile, which was appointed to conduct mobile acquisition campaigns for their app.


Background and Targets

To measure ROI, Addict Mobile looks at the number of purchases generated and the amount spent by each user acquired through the campaigns. This revenue is measured throughout the user lifecycle to better understand their behavior within the app.

The campaigns are set up on both Operating Systems and only in Spain.

Bodeboca belongs to one of the companies that benefited from the lockdown imposed by the Covid-19 health crisis. Indeed, the consumption of wine, and in addition the home delivered one, increased sharply during this period.

That was a great opportunity for Bodeboca and Addict Mobile to double volumes and generate more ROI on these specific campaigns. Here are some explanations.


The Addict Mobile Approach

In order to meet the volume challenge, Addict Mobile has adapted the media plan accordingly, by testing and diversifying the sources:

        – Google UAC and Apple Search Ads: We used the best campaigns that were already performing very well before the lockdown and we enhanced them.

        – Facebook was re-launched using the best campaigns, with positive ROI.

The budget increase and the activation of these sources on a shared basis made it possible to generate an 85% download increase compared to the previous four months.


Twice as Many Purchases as Before the Lockdown

Among the users originating from mobile acquisition campaigns, the first purchase — that was usually happening on average 21 days after install — was actually made on the day of install! In addition, a second purchase was made within 15 days after the download!

Measuring the ROI using cohort analysis (= attached to the day of install) allowed us to understand the user’s behavior within the app and to reinforce the campaigns that generate the best revenues.


Adapting the Message to the Lockdown

Between the 14th of March and the end of April, our creative studio produced more than 30 concepts, which allowed us to adapt the designs to the context. This way, the app became part of the Spanish people’s habits.

Promotion user acquisition
Before the lockdown: Banners that highlight a promotion.
Bobeboca acquisition mobile
After the lockdown: A carousels highlighting the best sales of the moment replaced promotions, which were prohibited during lockdown (it was not allowed to encourage people to purchase).

Adapting the creative assets has helped increase the campaigns ROI by addressing the users in the right way. This can be seen very clearly below in the click rate evolution on the ads:



The purchase share in the Overall Media Mix Has Steadily Increased

Organic vs Acquisition Campaigns

+30 points in the iOS ranking during the lockdown

Acquisition Campaigns CTR
CTR evolution during the lockdown in Spain + 30 on iOS, +20 on Android

Because the ROI has increased sharply, in parallel with the significant decline in the CPA & the stability of the average basket, we can say that the number of purchases has been higher.

It is also important to point out that users recruited earlier in the app bought items much more quickly within the app: hence the importance of recruiting quality users and not just downloads.



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