Cityscoot rolls out its app across Europe and is conquering new users with Addict Mobile

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Cityscoot is the number one service for self service electric scooters. Launched in 2016 in Paris, the brand has rapidly expanded to Nice, Milan, and Barcelona, offering more than 7000 scooters to all those who wish for an effective urban transport, face in the wind.


cityscoot user acquisitionAddict Mobile supports Cityscoot in its European growth by managing user acquisition campaigns for its application with a cost per first ride objective.


Activated sources: Facebook, Google and Snapchat.


City Targeting, a challenge for mobile app acquisition


Broadcasting acquisition campaigns on a city scale implies several constraints:


– The more restricted the targeting, the higher the acquisition costs.


– The visuals must be adapted to the usage and routes of each city in order to maintain good transformation rates and thus reach performance objectives.

Adaptation of the routes – Barcelona example

Adaptation of the routes – Milan example

How to keep acquisition costs low with specific targeting?


By adapting the OS and sources to each city: depending on the results of the campaigns, Addict Mobile’s teams increase investments in the sources or OS that deliver the best performance.


By varying the optimizations according to the sources: on Facebook and Google, campaigns that are optimized directly with an objective of first ride work better, unlike Snapchat, where campaigns optimized at the time of installation have better CPA (= cost per first ride).


By regularly renewing the targeted audiences: this avoids the phenomenon of Ad Fatigue and keeps acquisition costs low.


By deploying an adapted creative strategy to maximize conversion rates.

Languages, routes and promo codes are adapted to each location.


– Producing and A/B testing many different concepts has allowed us to identify the best conversion rates and keep acquisition costs low.


– Adapting these concepts to the specific formats of each source as well as to the localization also played a major role in achieving the objectives.

Despite a lower CTR and higher CPI, the scooter ad on the left had a 34% lower CPA than the one on the right!




Daily and specific campaign optimization that allows Addict Mobile to reach Cityscoot’s objectives:


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