The mobile app ecosystem is consolidating!

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The latest major changes in the mobile app ecosystem (privacy, Apple’s ATT Framework, maturity of advertisers.) are forcing players in the mobile ecosystem to offer the most complete service possible to cover the entire mobile marketing chain.

Owning your first party data and therefore having your own data to monetize your audience and offer effective advertising campaigns is one of the major challenges of 2021’s ecosystem. Everyone wants to put their SDK in the apps to know their users and maximize the revenues of their campaigns.

Lately, there have been a lot of acquisitions of AdNetworks, tracking tools, analytics tools and monetization structures. The ecosystem is consolidating, the companies are getting stronger.


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Vungle mobile app install company acquires GameRefinery, a leading cloud-based mobile game analytics platform with deep contextual data sets and image-recognition technology that helps developers market, design, and monetize their mobile games.

“GameRefinery’s deep contextual data will offer new ways for advertisers to find relevant audiences, using non-personal data such as player motivations, moods and styles and audience personas, for campaign targeting with no device level ID required.” “With upcoming changes on iOS 14 and the removal of the IDFA, advertisers are looking for new and relevant ways to find and engage users.”


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Vungle also acquires Algo Lift, an LTV powered user acquisition automation platform for mobile advertisers. The acquisition adds AlgoLift’s industry-leading algorithms and optimization technology to Vungle’s global, creative-centric advertising network to give advertisers actionable intelligence to optimize performance metrics such as Lifetime Value (LTV) and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

“Additionally, AlgoLift’s probabilistic approach to campaign attribution gives Vungle a privacy-friendly way to target and optimize ad campaigns in compliance with pending iOS-related changes to IDFA.”


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ecosystemApp Lovin acquires the global mobile app measurement and marketing company, Adjust. Adjust will retain its unique brand and culture and continue to operate as an independent company.

AppLovin and Adjust have a shared vision of creating a robust set of tools that give developers the things they need to be successful. Together, we will drive innovation in attribution and analytics, providing customers with more options to take their business to the next level.


“Our ambition always was to be the world’s first comprehensive, all-in-one solution for app marketers. By coming together with AppLovin, we can realize our vision and create a brand new product suite that will accelerate every app marketer’s growth,” added Paul Müller, Adjust Co-Founder and CTO.


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ecosystemDigital Turbine acquires Adcolony, one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world, with a reach of more than 1.5 billion monthly users globally/ Digital Turbine is one of the platform that simplifies content discovery and delivers relevant content directly to consumer device on more than 40 mobile operators and OEMs worldwide and has delivered more than three billion app preloads for tens of thousands of advertising campaigns.

“We believe that Digital Turbine, with its massive user base, extensive global relationships and distribution, will be uniquely positioned to benefit via the seamless integration of AdColony’s mobile video advertising expertise and global brand advertiser awareness. The combination will yield a highly-differentiated and more vertically-integrated solution for the mobile advertising industry” said Boilesen.


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ecosystemDigital Turbine also acquires Fyber, a leading mobile advertising monetization platform empowering global app developers to optimize profitability (more than 180 programmatic demand partners that reach a total of 650 million unique monthly active users across more than 180 different countries globally).

The acquisition of Fyber is part of Digital Turbine’s expressed strategy to provide comprehensive media and advertising solutions to his partners and advertisers while enriching the mobile experience for end users through native on-device discovery. By combining Fyber’s rapidly growing mediation, exchange and advertising solutions with Digital Turbine’s core native application and content discovery experiences, the combined company should be ideally positioned to be a leading end-to-end solution for mobile brand acquisition and monetization.


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ecosystemIron source acquires creative management platform Luna

Luna’s unique technology allows app developers – from enterprises to indie developers – to create, manage and optimize their playable and video ads, at an impressive speed and scale.

“Our vision at ironSource is to build the most comprehensive growth platform for app developers, allowing them to focus on content creation and on building a great user experience, while we provide the infrastructure for their business expansion,” said Omer Kaplan, CRO and Co-Founder of ironSource.


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ecosystemIron Source also acquires Soomla technology to enrich its platform with ad quality insights

Adding SOOMLA’s technology to ironSource’s suite of solutions provides app and game developers with more tools to effectively manage the advertising inside of their apps. The technology will provide developers with insight on ads running inside their apps, helping them distinguish between ads that may be inappropriate, misleading or that violate a denylist and could potentially harm user experience and cause churn, from those ads that provide a positive user experience. Developers can then act on those insights to create a better user experience.


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ecosystemIron source announces combination with Thoma Bravo Advantage to create a publicly trade business platform

In the same logic of Iron source consolidation, the platform that serves more than 2.3 billion monthly active users and allows application and game developers to monetize and analyze their applications wants to go public and join forces with Toma Bravo Advantage, a private equity firm.

“Joining forces with Thoma Bravo Advantage to bring ironSource to the public markets presents an opportunity to partner with the world’s leading software investor to achieve the next level of growth,” said Tomer Bar Zeev, CEO and co-founder of ironSource.


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Entender los datos de SKAdNetwork para mantener el nivel de performance de las campañas de adquisición de usuarios.

Desde mayo de 2021 (iOS 14.5), Apple ha implementado el ATT, que limita la cantidad de datos recopilados para las campañas publicitarias. El objetivo de Apple es promover la protección de los datos de usuarios. El problema para el sector mobile es que los datos de las campañas de adquisición ya no son tan precisos y no permiten el mismo análisis de performance de las herramientas de tracking. Como recordatorio, si el usuario ha dado permiso en la pop-up de consentimiento, podemos recuperar el IDFA y basarlo en una atribución determinista. El SKAdNetwork es la solución de atribución propuesta por Apple. Actúa como back-up cuando no recibimos los datos en caso de que los usuarios no hayan dado el consentimiento. Hasta un 80% menos de IDFA en iOS Según Appsflyer, el 40-50% de las personas dan su consentimiento a través de la pop-up. Lo que no quiere decir que el IDFA se haya activado, ya que el usuario también debe haber dado su consentimiento en las plataformas de difusión (como Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, etc..). Al final del recorrido de los datos, nos encontramos con que potencialmente entre un 20 y un 30% del IDFA ha ascendido, lo que resulta crítico […]

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Soccer Star: Cómo adaptar tu estrategia worldwilde con un objetivo de rentabilidad

Soccer Star es un juego de fútbol desarrollado por el estudio Redvel Games. Puedes crear tu propio jugador y vivir la experiencia de una auténtica estrella de fútbol, jugando todos los partidos de toda una temporada.     Desde junio de 2021 Addict Mobile, gestiona sus campañas para la adquisición de nuevos usuarios, con un objetivo de rentabilidad.   Objetivo     En Soccer Star, los ingresos se generan principalmente a partir de las compras in- app y las visualizaciones de los anuncios. La aplicación está presente en todos los países, de ahí la importancia de desarrollar una estrategia que maximice la rentabilidad de la aplicación en cada uno de ellos. Por ello, los equipos de Addict Mobile han desarrollado una estrategia worldwide dividida en varias fases y capaz de responder a los criterios de rentabilidad de cada zona geográfica.     Estrategia     En primer lugar, y con el objetivo de conseguir rentabilidad en las compras in-app, probamos dos tipos de optimización en nuestras campañas:   – “value” (el valor de la compra de los usuarios) que normalmente nos permite obtener el mejor ROAS   – “purchase” (número de compras realizadas por los usuarios) que, a su vez, […]

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Con esta nueva tecnología, respondemos a uno de los principales retos de la adquisición de usuarios: la renovación continua de los visuales para evitar el fenómeno del Ad Fatigue. Esta herramienta permite adaptar a distintos formatos automáticamente todos los elementos que componen un vídeo: formato, idioma, imagen, colores, efectos, texto, etc., según las necesidades. Un dispositivo que aumenta el volumen de instalaciones, así como los presupuestos, gracias a la renovación de los vídeos y por tanto, que aumenta el ROI de las campañas al reducir el CPI.   Las creatividades, un elemento clave en la adquisición mobile     De media, el 70% de las inversiones publicitarias representan el 3% de los visuales producidos. Sin embargo, los visuales representan aproximadamente el 75% del ROAS de una campaña. Para los anunciantes, el reto consiste en identificar la creatividad adecuada que les permita alcanzar sus objetivos, limitar el riesgo de Ad Fatigue y el aumento de la inversión destinada a los visuales con mejor performance. Para hacer frente a estos retos, las estrategias A/B tests son las más priorizadas ya que permiten entender qué combinación gráfica funcionará mejor.   Por ello, la tecnología de Addict Mobile es capaz de editar automáticamente todos […]

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