Intermarché is recruiting new users for its app with Snapchat and accelerates its mobile sales

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“The task was simple: to test and activate a new lever to promote and support the use of our application among our targets, while respecting our acquisition costs. Addict Mobile’s rigor and test & learn approach to Snapchat usage, formats, targeting and messaging enabled us to meet and exceed our objectives across the various acquisition channels, including Snapchat.”

Frédéric Chacar – Head of Acquisition, eCRM & Webanalysis


The Context

A French retailer, Intermarché, has been deploying its mobile application since 2018. The application includes the eCommerce offer – in order to place orders via the Pickup service, access to all its information within the loyalty program, brochures and partner offers via the marketplace. The objective? To generate a high return on investment.

Addict Mobile, which supports Intermarché in this strategy, manages the campaigns targeting CPA and ROI objectives. The lockdown period was a major challenge for mass retailers: they had to adapt quickly by increasing volumes while maintaining good performance levels. Not forgetting, of course, the need to seize mobile opportunities!


The Strategy: Snaps Ads

From January on, Snapchat was the source generating competitive CPMs, 2x lower CPIs than other sources, and 3x higher ROI than competing social sources. It was therefore natural that Addict Mobile teams wanted to exploit the full potential of Snapchat by increasing spend by 45% during the lockdown while maintaining performance. Thanks to a rapid circulation of creative elements and the use of promotional codes, performance was immediately on track.

The Results

The results speak for themselves: an increase of ROI by more than 4 over the period. Engagement with creative content has also increased significantly thanks to promotional creatives: the click rate has doubled. The cost per acquisition of new users was down 70% compared to January, proving that there was a great window of opportunity for the application during this period. It is also interesting to note that people over 35 years old were the ones who achieved the best ROI on the platform!



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