Shopmium: an efficient mobile renewed campaign !

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Addict Mobile - Retail - shopmium mobile renewed campaign


The renewed commitment by advertising consist of displaying a specific commercial message to a user who has already shown interest through a download or an action in the application. It allows to maximize and strengthen its conversion and engagement rate. 
An extended variety of user profiles are concerned by the renewed commitment process. For example : users who have been active in the past but have not shown any interest for 1 months in the application. Or users not advanced in the conversion funnel : who donwloaded the application but have not enrolled, or users who have filled a shopping basket but did not purchase in the end. There are as many alternative scenarios as user segments. The re-engagement campaign goal is to display a personalized message (app update or promotions) to these cohorts of users to seduce them again. 
Addict Mobile - Retail - shopmium mobile renewed campaign
Example of a visual created for the UK market of Shopmium
What do users really seek by using the Shopmium application? What seduced them in the first place? What is the real benefit for users?   The main objective of the renewed commitment campaign for Shopmium was to increase the conversion rate of the expense claims in the application. The major stake was to identify users with high potential conversion. Following the data analysis and the user behavior, Addict Mobile has managed to create an effective targeting, by identifying users who were active in the past (download, registration, couponing) but had not connected recently.
Addict Mobile - Retail - shopmium mobile renewed campaign
Advertising designed for other applications
Then, Addict Mobile created ads fitting its target by pointing out relevant discounts. Addict Mobile - Retail - shopmium mobile renewed campaign
Addict Mobile - Retail - shopmium mobile renewed campaign
  • Following the analysis, Addict Mobile successfully retargeted its campaigns on mobile and desktop inactive users
  • +20 Visuals created during the re-engagement campaign, optimized in different sizes and formats (banners, MPA) through our own proprietary production technology.
  • Addict Mobile generated more than 2600 reimbursing claims over a period of less than a month.

The renewed commitment of Shopmium’s audience, through the Addict Mobile campaign is a true success for Shopmium. Shopmium pursue its renewed commitment strategy by reengaging itself on the long run with Addict Mobile, while still developing its pure user-acquisition strategy.

Addict Mobile - Retail - shopmium mobile renewed campaign


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addict mobile blog default blog 05

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