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Addict Mobile counts within its team around 15 Account Managers, who assist on a daily basis our customers to develop efficient and cost-effective acquisition campaigns.

Please meet Antoine, who’s gonna tell you more about his daily mission…

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Hello Antoine. You are Account Manager and Product Owner at Addict Mobile. Could you tell us a few words about yourself?

Having just graduated from Audiencia Nantes School of Management, I joined Addict Mobile almost a year ago as an Account Manager [AM].

Could you briefly outline your main duties? What do you like best about your job?

At Addict Mobile, every Account Manager is exclusively in charge of several client accounts. On a daily basis, this translates into negotiating CPIs [costs-per-install], a lot of customer relations, tracking tests, and optimization. At Addict Mobile, we work in two divisions: the Facebook team and the Network team. I am part of the Network Team. Due to the nature of networks, I work without pre-targeting. My daily tasks consist in doing precise and real-time optimization. This requires a lot of data crunching; I generate relevant data and stats depending on my client’s needs and objectives. I love this job, because I find this is like detective work. And here is the real crux of the matter: without optimization, without constant adjustments, my clients’ campaigns wouldn’t be at all cost-effective. It’s my role as AM to ensure that the campaigns work well in order to guarantee a positive ROI  [return on investment]. Thanks to my experience at Addict Mobile, I’ve been able to acquire technical skills, but I’ve also developed a real passion for the mobile sector, mainly because it’s very dynamic and I’m learning something new every day. We enjoy a great flexibility at Addict, and I’ve been able to establish myself as Product Owner on a major project. The code name is “the Dashboard”. It’s the culmination of an idea that has mobilized all the teams for the past year and a half.

Could you tell us more about this Dashboard?

It’s an interface between the AMs, the clients, the sales team, and the developers. It is about to go live, we’re currently beta-testing it: it will eventually become a self-service platform, updated daily and oriented towards Customer Service and Customer Success! Once the interface has been launched, our job will focus more on managing projects and resources. We are the only company in the European market to offer a DMP (Data Management Platform). For us, this is a real time saver, and optimization will be all the more precise. Customers will be able, through the dashboard, to watch their campaign unfold practically in real time, while being able to control their objectives.

What made you decide to join the Addict Mobile team?

I love the spirit of a start-up, and all the challenges and responsibilities that my job as Account Manager has to offer. As far as the mobile sector, it is constantly changing. I didn’t know much about it before joining the company, but I have received extensive training which allowed me to get a better grasp of mobile marketing.

What does it take to be an AM?

One must be good at analytics and know how to find the data that makes the difference. You need to be self-disciplined and well organized.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to work in the mobile sector?

This is a very complex sector. I think one must be very curious to succeed. One mustn’t be afraid to work in a constantly changing environment where one keeps learning.

What do you find most time-consuming?

Most time-consuming is the back-and-forth between the designers and the customers in order to generate the visuals. Next, establishing app tracking also takes a lot of time because it requires a lot of manual testing.

On the other hand, I love spending time with my clients to understand their needs. It’s very important to be completely transparent with the advertisers. Once an ad doesn’t work, we try others and test them on several networks.

Can you name a challenge you have overcome and which you’re particularly proud of?

I’m proud of the successful campaign for BlaBlaCar on which I’ve been the Account Manager since March 2015. We started doing ads in France, and now we have presence in 6 regions, including Brazil!

How do you tell apart good sources from bad in a new, but very competitive market, such as the mobile market?

There is a great deal of test-and-learn. The clients know it, and a test phase is necessary when one isn’t focusing on the objectives. But once the best sources have been identified, one can reach levels of profitability attractive to any developer with an app.

Thank you Antoine !

Addict Mobile isn’t only a tech, it’s an experienced and dedicated team. The AM team’s expertise is essential in today’s mobile advertising market. Without their constantly improved knowledge, it would be impossible to lad profitable acquisition campaigns. The Dashboard is the result of the sum of all our skills, adapted to a competitive mobile environment.


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