Ma Reduc acquires +200,000 high quality mobile users with Addict Mobile ! 🎉

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 Addict Mobile - Reatil - mobile marketing retail

Ma Reduc, application owned by RetailMeNot, is the first trusted community for sharing discounts and best deals. Thanks to the app, you save money on your purchases from surrounding stores & e-shops. Since June, Addict Mobile supports Ma Reduc in expanding its audience. In only a few months of campaigns, Addict Mobile acquired +200,000 downloads for Ma Reduc.


Ma Reduc already had a very big web community. Thus, its objective was to lead its existing audience on mobile, but also to reach new users. This double online presence (web & mobile) has enabled Ma Reduc to become the first French community of digital shoppers, gathering more than 20,000 coupons and deals from leading brands.


Addict Mobile - Reatil - mobile marketing retail
  • +200,000 high quality downloads acquired by Addict Mobile in France, through campaigns on more than 30 acquisition sources.
  • +400 visuals created, in all required sizes for mobile, thanks to a technology of automated content production (banners, interstitials, videos).
  • Higher results than expected : on average a CPI of 22% below the target set. 


Addict Mobile launched a boost campaign in order to increase Ma Reduc visibility. In only 3 days, this acquisition campaign generates +23,000 organic downloads and a privileged ranking on the app stores.

Top 1 in the LifeStyle Category

Addict Mobile - Reatil - mobile marketing retail

“Our collaboration with Addict Mobile helped us to identify our target on several acquisition channels and recruit high quality users with an optimal ROI. Furthermore, Addict Mobile has been significantly helpful in the definition of the ASO strategy and allowed us to achieve very satisfactory rankings level.”

Meryem Bessières, Senior Marketing & Communication Manager


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addict mobile blog default blog 05

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