How Dr. Pierre Ricaud Increase Sales and Client Portfolio online with Addict Mobile

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Since its creation in 1986, Dr Pierre Ricaud has been the embodiment of “made in France” on its own: the brand designs its treatments in its own laboratory, manufactures in its own factories and distributes them through its own network in France. It reflects the excellence of French cosmetics: expertise in the choice of active ingredients, high standards in the development of formulas, uncompromising quality and compatibility. Supported by its pillars (made in France without intermediaries, transparency, sensoriality and effectiveness of its products), the brand is designed for all women:

– through its distribution network: sales through mail order (mailing), its institutes and its commercial site.

– but also through its beauty community, which brings together more than 50,000 passionate women who share a common desire to co-create the cosmetics of tomorrow.


Online sales represent an important part of the brand’s turnover (approximately 22%) which continues to grow.


The User Acquisition challenges

In order to optimize its customer acquisition strategy, the brand turned to Addict Mobile’s experts to manage a part of its website recruitment levers.

Although our skills are mainly recognized in the field of applications, we also offer our expertise in the Web sector. Addict Mobile delivers Web acquisition campaigns thanks to the expertise of its parent company: the Digital Virgo Group.

With this expertise, we have taken up the main challenge of the Dr. Pierre Ricaud brand: to ensure the profitability of marketing campaigns by measuring and optimizing campaigns up to the cost of each new customer.

Looking back on the year 2019, rich in returns on investment. The case will focus on France, the brand’s historic and leading market.


Addict Mobile’s approach


3 growth levers for the recruitment of new clients

Addict Mobile has deployed several types of campaigns: 

  • Acquisition campaigns → to reach new users.
  • Remarketing campaigns → to re-engage website visitors according to their progress in the funnel.
  • Awareness campaigns → in order to broaden the brand’s audience base and develop awareness among beauty intentionist. 

→ Google is the main source of these campaigns: in 2019, it represented more than 70% of the investments alone & allowing us to generate the best performance on our campaigns.  


 Google, the lever that works on every level

  • On-brand and off-brand search campaigns; targeting is done by using keyword searches that are specific to the Dr. Pierre Ricaud brand’s universe. 
  • On the Display for prospection and remarketing, where scenarios are established according to the number of visits to the brand’s site or according to the state of progress in the purchasing process (non-buyers, AddToCart, intentional visitors, etc.). 
  • On YouTube: campaigns increase brand awareness through the distribution of videos. In order to generate revenue, they, therefore, help to increase the global target audience that can be captured on other levers
  • Discovery: native formats on Google’s own inventories (Gmail, YouTube application and Feed Discover) encouraging discovery (prospecting) and conversion (retargeting).

A complete support package with Push SMS and conversion analysis

In addition to the above-mentioned acquisition campaigns, we have also set up tools such as :

  •   Push SMS → they allow to share Dr. Pierre Ricaud product offers with the targeted audiences.
  •   Website recommendations by analyzing conversion rates to: 
  •   suggest changes in page loading times;
  •   propose improvements of the page structure in order to optimize the profitability of the traffic.

It is, therefore, full support that aims to improve the performance of the campaigns ( along with the process), while making the levers focus towards more efficiency.


The results

  • Revenue from our campaigns increase by 80% between 2018 and 2019, while maintaining the CPA (= customer acquisition cost) below the target.
  • 30% reduction in the CAC on Non-branded Search; 47% reduction in Display Remarketing despite a 170% increase in investment.
  • 39% increase in impressions, which corresponds to the volume of researches on the brand. Dr. Pierre Ricaud has therefore gained recognition.
  • +82% increase in sales from new customers between 2018 and 2019.
  • Given these encouraging results, Dr. Pierre Ricaud has entrusted Addict Mobile to manage all sources on the mobile and Web levers in 2020.
“We have been working with Addict Mobile for 2 years now, after testing some of our levers. Thanks to good results, proactive proposals and constructive exchanges, Addict Mobile has gradually convinced me to entrust them with all of our acquisition levers in 2020. I am and will continue to be demanding in terms of achieving results as we move forward with the digital transformation of our great brand. I think that Addict Mobile is the right partner to accompany us in this transformation! » Christelle Gimat, Digital Director Dr Pierre Ricaud


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