Google Search, a new opportunity for mobile advertisers

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Addict Mobile - Strategy - mobile marketing opportunities   Mobile users can discover an application through 4 different ways: thanks to word of mouth, an advertisement, a search by category (rankings) and a search by keyword. Depending on the application, keyword search may drive between 20-50% of total downloads. In fact, search is one of the biggest drivers of app installs in Play Store.   Since August 2015, Google offers advertisers the ability to bid on keywords on Play Store to help developers develop awareness of their apps. For example, Sharette conducted a campaign on the French keyword “covoiturage” (which means carpooling) and appears at the first place on the Google Play Store, ahead of its competitors. What opportunities do Google search campaigns offer?
  • Control your ranking: you can boost your position by bidding on keywords, instead of being dependent on Google Play ranking, which is based on the number of downloads, users’ retention and users’ ratings.
  • Acquire high-quality users: users typing a specific search term are likely to be interested in a relevant mobile app search result. That is why download rates and in-app retention for Google Search campaigns are generally good.
  • Strong visibility: advertising on the Google Play Store enables to reach a potential audience of one billion people across more than 190 countries.
  • Lower CPI: search advertisements are targeted to match keywords entered on the Google Play Store. If your application is relevant for the keyword, the user will probably be satisfied with the first result and download the application immediately. In the current competitive context, for many applications and if choosing the right keywords, the cost per install is lower than display advertising.
  • Overtake your competitors: thanks to bids on keywords, you can overtake your competitors on the Google Play Store ranking. As shown in the example below, Uber is ahead of Chauffeur Privé (which means private driver) in the Top App ranking. However, Chauffeur Privé appears ahead of Uber on the “uber” keyword search.
Addict Mobile - Strategy - mobile marketing opportunitiesAddict Mobile - Strategy - google opportunity mobile advertisers First steps to test Google Search
  • Define a list of relevant keywords based on your data from the tracking tool. Addict Mobile can assist you in developing your list of keywords if needed.
  • Launch campaigns on Google Play Search with a small budget ($ 100 per day, for example) and measure performance after a few days.
  • Optimize campaigns progressively, depending on the top-performing keywords in terms of CTR, download rate, CPI and CPL.
Mobile Search has become an important source of acquisition for mobile traffic, and proves to be even more profitable than display for some applications.   However, this is not the latest novelty. Indeed, Google is continually improving its tools to enable developers to promote their applications. Soon, Google will launch Universal App Campaigns, which will make it easier for developers to run ad campaigns targeting all of Google’s properties at once, including Google Play Store, Search, YouTube, AdMob in-app network and over 2 million sites on Google Display Network.   Addict Mobile is the first 100% profit-oriented mobile media agency. With over 5 years of experience, Addict Mobile provides mobile campaigns management on a global scale: strategy, materials creation and translation, and campaign optimization (pre-targeting, A / B testing, post-targeting). Thanks to our technology, we are able to buy from more than 250 acquisition sources and guarantee a positive ROI. We currently manage $1 million marketing budget monthly for international brands and top grossing applications.


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addict mobile blog default blog 05

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