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 Addict Mobile - Travel - travel app mobile campaigns

Since March 2015, Addict Mobile has supported BlaBlaCar in the development of its mobile application audience within several European countries, with a profitability objective. Let’s take a look at how this 6 months collaboration has been a success.

What was at stake for the BlaBlaCar mobile application?

Blablacar already had a great presence on the Web, but they desired to reinforce their mobile presence by strongly developing the application users base. BlaBlaCar invested in both offline and online (desktop) marketing but found it difficult to generate high volume of new users for its mobile application because of a lack of internal ressources.

Their main goal was to diversify mobile acquisition sources, while reaching in-app profitability objectives (in-app KPI).

What did Addict Mobile bring to Blablacar?

  • A capacity to generate large volumes of high quality users in desired countries. Addict Mobile technology allowed launching campaigns on more than 35 mobile acquisition sources, rapidly and automatically.
  • A campaign optimization technology, that outreached BlaBlaCar in-app KPIs. Addict Mobile technology relies on effective pre/post-targeting optimization algorithms, to deliver world-class performance.
  • An automated technology of content production (banners, interstitial, videos) optimized for mobile, in all required sizes and languages, without stretching the original visual. Since creating 1 visual in all required dimensions and languages only takes a few minutes, Addict Mobile can easily and regularly refresh and A/B test visuals.

 Addict Mobile - Travel - travel app mobile campaignsWhat did Addict Mobile achieve? 

A massive and fast unfolding:

  • Campaign launching on more than 35 acquisition sources
  • 5,600 visuals created : 30 different drawings, in 60 sizes and 3 languages

KPI over-reached, beyond BlaBlaCar expectations:

  • Sign-up costs: -20% compared to the objective
  • Publication costs (when a driver publishes a trip) and booking costs (when a traveller books a trip): -35% compared with the objective

Addict Mobile now contributes to half of BlaBlaCar mobile downloads, all made through user acquisition methods. Given the success of this mobile acquisition strategy, BlaBlaCar continues to develop its mobile audience, granting its trust to Addict Mobile for other European countries such as Netherlands, Italy, etc.



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