Addict Mobile manages with success the launch of Citygoo application! 🚗

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Addict Mobile - Travel - travel app mobile marketing Citygoo is the best short distance ride-sharing service. It allows you to save your money and your time when you travel in suburb areas. Since last summer, Addict Mobile has successfully launched Citygoo app and continues to expand its mobile audience. CONTEXT & OBJECTIVE Citygoo ambition at launch was too quickly become the leader of instant ride-sharing in 1 specific geo (Paris-France) by the end of 2015. Addict Mobile achieved  a successful geo-targeting acquisition campaign, specifically around Paris, bringing over 18,000 new users over a short period of time. 


Addict Mobile - Travel - travel app mobile marketing
  • +20,000 high quality downloads in France acquired by Addict Mobile, with acquisition campaigns on Facebook & Ad Networks.
  • +70 visuals created, in all required sizes for mobile, thanks to a technology of automated content production (banners, interstitials, videos).
  • 60% journey requests on Citygoo are generated by users recruited by Addict Mobile. 
  • Higher results than expected on Facebook : 65% of users signed-up right after the app download.
  • +40,000 registered on Citygoo


To improve the ranking of Citygoo in the App Store, Addict Mobile conducted an App Store Optimization study (ASO).
ASO allows you to get:
  • A better visibility among the competition ;
  • More traffic towards your page which lead to a better ranking ;
  • A higher conversion “print to install” on your description page.
Addict Mobile - Travel - travel app mobile marketing « Working with ADDICT MOBILE has been a real teamwork based on mutual trust. It was a great challenge to launch an app like our start-up Citygoo’s ! ADDICT MOBILE successfully achieved it, always looking for the best way to optimize our user acquisition. »
Hélène Landron, co-founder Citygoo
After the Paris area conquest, Citygoo will soon be available at a national and international level. We are so happy to be part of this incredible adventure!


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addict mobile blog default blog 05

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